Because jewellery is not only linked to stones and jewels, but also to a universe nourished by poetry and enchantment, jewellers’ communication must gracefully express the symbolism that lives at the heart of the gems.

Also, by relying on various tools, Célia Fabbri reveals your identity and your individuality in a unique way. Whether for your website, your social network or your printed media (posters, boutiques’ decoration, displays, books…), she deploys a range of artistic techniques that bring jewels and gems to life. Combining jewellery with humanity, inspired by philosophy, beliefs and cultures, she reveals the enchantment of your creations and your story.


The digital collage integrates a set of references associated with your heritage to tell your story in images. A modern version of classical paintings, halfway between the concrete and the imaginary, it integrates various direct or indirect references that express the links between your jewellery and the inspirations that feed it. This illustrative process, imbued with poetry and secret languages, unites heritage and modernity, its own identity and openness to the world’s beliefs.

It can be used for the web as well as on printed media, in any size.


As animated versions of the digital collages, these creations give movement and more scope to the expression of your ideas. They are perfect for telling a story through a set of elements, expressing the various symbols hidden in your jewellery or simply entertaining and delighting your community.

They are intended for your website and your social networks. 


Whether it’s for your jewellery on a white background for your digital shop or for artistic creations that feed your visual content, jewellery photography is an art that requires know-how in precision, light effects and high quality rendering. 

The latter are essential for your digital and print media.


The illustrations mix drawing, watercolour and Indian ink with digital retouching via graphic software, plus the integration of photographs. This process makes each creation heterogeneous and rich of the meeting between classical art and the contemporary digital universe.

They are associated with digital or printed media (book, personalized card…)


The pen of the storytelling accompanies you in the narration of your writings in order to best communicate your identity, your values, your inspirations and your character. Célia Fabbri also contributes to the development of magazine content by introducing promising artists and sharing jewellery-related anecdotes. 

For your narrative identity on all digital or printed media.

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