I payed tribute to the poetry of Frédéric Mané, the designer of the Rubeus Milano Moonlight Earrings, by exposing the meanings and the symbols behind his creation. From Isis from the Ancient Egypt to the virgin Marie of the Christians, and also Diana from the antic romans, discover in which way they highlight the beauty & the strength of the women.


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Drawings & collages - for Katerina Perez (portrait)

ART, MYTHS & JEWELLERY - for Katerina Perez

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Colombian myth: origin of emeralds

At the beginning, the creation God Are made 2 beings male and female: Tena & Fura. They had to be respectful and loyal to each other and to nature. The punishment for breaking the rules was to become older. One day Fura met Zarbi and when she came back to her husband, he knew she was cheating because she was old. And because he couldn’t support it, he stabbed himself into the heart. She cried him 3 days and 3 nights, all her tears becoming green and changing themselves in emeralds. And because they were punished, Tena & Fura were changed in 2 mountains that really exist. Zarbi became a raging river which crosses the 2 mountains and separates them forever.

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Ancient greek myth: origin of Amethyst

Amethyst was a beautiful nymph desired by the god Dionysos. And because he wanted to possess her, she ran to the temple of Artemis to ask for her protection. To help Amethyst, the goddess decided to turn her to stone. Feeling guilty for his behaviour and in repentance, Dionysos spilled his precious wine on the stone, causing it to turn purple and giving it the power, among other things, to dispel drunkenness. It also protects against witchcraft, promotes wealth or makes you humble.

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