Goddess of spring, flowering and fertility, Flora was originally a young and gentle nymph. Although discreet, her beauty aroused the passions of Zephyr (god of the western wind). He married her and the two became a loving couple. From then on, they combined their strengths and talents to ensure a fertile land and a climate favourable to life. Their union brought abundance, magnificence and prosperity to Mother Nature.

Célia Mastorchio-Fabbri GemGenève Felicita


I celebrate here the union of coveted and adored gems with human imagination and creative talent. Like the wind that sows, these are impalpable but their effects are tangible. From this hymen is born an abundant universe that celebrates beauty, harmony and Nature.


Felicità means “happiness” in Italian. Happiness and harmony are also linked to prosperity, fertility and abundance. Think of the Gardens of Eden referred to in many cultures when mentioning the beneficence that Nature offers us.

The humans, like Zephyrs, fall in love with the gems and through their imaginations, create jewels, beauties of nature. A new fertile, rich and abundant universe thus comes to life.

The nymph Flora reaches the peak of her abilities when she becomes a goddess and combines her talent with that of the wind. Love unites them and allows them to make a wonderful world bear fruit.

Going beyond her/his own condition, as both Flora and Zephyr, the inspired being is in the gift of self. This process of generosity is the highest stage that individuals can reach. For in it they forget themselves and escape from themselves to give life with love to a wonderful and enchanting creation.


The beauty of Nature is revisited and sublimated by the jewels in flowers.
The statue represents Flora, its tentacles are the roots that nourish nature.

The butterflies that Flora looks at tenderly symbolise the wind and therefore the god Zephyr.