“Magic only works if you are willing to let yourself be carried away by it” said J.R.R Tolkien. But magic cannot exist without adequate preparation. If jewellery is to be conducive to dreams, grandeur and emotion, jewellers must know the changing needs of their customers. They must also be aware of their assets and values in order to differentiate and establish themselves in the long term. Finally, they must know the levers that allow them to increase their visibility and offer a new, exotic, even unforgettable experience. This is where Axelle Loichot comes in. With a 360° mastery of the world of jewellery and more than twenty years of experience with the various players in the sector, the founder of the customised support structure Le Sens du Détail guides jewellers from A to Z. Whether it’s in the enhancement of the craftsmen’s know-how, in the implementation of the collections or in the optimisation of the customer’s space, this expert brings your prestige to light.

A passion for excellence, the attention to detail

Jeweller specialist, Axelle Loichot, highlights the important subtleties that make the difference in a world that demands nothing less than perfection. The jewellery industry expects precision, creativity and excellence from all of its craftsmen. This expert takes you on a journey to the heart of the industry, with practical advice on how to increase engagement and develop your content to attract new customers.

She focuses on enhancing the exclusivity of your collections and the traditional skills of your craftsmen. As a revealer of  talent, she selects with taste and precision the elements that will sublimate your image and best suit your identity. In a spirit of absolute confidentiality, she assists and guides you throughout your market presence journey by proposing one-of-a-kind and sparkling experiences. Thanks to her network of professionals and artists, the jewellers who place their trust in her receive a creative and unique follow-up. A winning formula for it is time to stand out!

Boldness in the service of exclusivity and distinction

For many years, the jewellery industry has evolved to the rhythm of the great Houses that have succeeded one another and maintained both a mysterious and prestigious aura around their creations. But for some years now, a wind of change has been blowing in this formerly closed and elitist sphere. New jewellers are drastically  overturning the codes, bringing freshness, originality and modernity, imposing a new style and challenging the traditional confines of the jewellery industry.

The world is changing, and you have to change with it. And to make your mark, differentiation and audacity are a must. To offer pleasure, make people dream, enchant their minds. But not only that. The jewellery industry can be merciless to those who do not master their subject in its entirety: creating fruitful and long-lasting collaborations with quality suppliers and communication experts, knowing your target and their needs in detail, revealing your added value with relevance, or distributing your collections adequately… It is therefore not uncommon for designers and craftsmen to rely on experts in sales and global marketing to help them set up or readapt their structure. Le Sens du Détail is a major ally in this adventure. Indeed, Axelle Loichot intervenes at all levels without seeking to narrow the scope of creativity. On the contrary, she draws from her in-depthknowledge of jewellery to provide her clients with structured and effective solutions. 

According to the artist Henri Matisse, Creativity requires courage. Courage requires boldness. But being courageous does not necessarily mean being reckless. Surrounding yourself with tailor-made support and expertise can only be an asset. And because every jeweller deserves the best support, at the brink of the perfect balance between precision and risk-taking, between tradition and modernity, this jewellery consultant guides you passionately down the paths to success.